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Chevrolet Beat

chevrolet beat
The rising price of petrol have cut down the pockets of Indians to buy a new car. General Motors car manufactures have launched Chevrolet Beat with diesel engine to solved the problems of car lovers. The small car segment has very few Diesel options and General Motors took advantage of this by launching the Chevrolet Beat Diesel version. 
Chevrolet Beat Review

Chevrolet Beat Price

  • Chevrolet Beat is priced between Rs 3.34 lakhs to Rs 3.94 lakhs.
chevrolet beat rear view
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Electric Cars

Today most of the car manufactures are looking at options and new innovations to reduce carbon emission and the best way most see a solution in the problem is to use a cycle or to walk to your destination however for long distance its not a correct answer .


Car makers have been working on this problem since the birth of the modern cars , initially steam engines were being experimented but did not fetch a desirable solution for long the discussions and R&D have been taking place and finally the solution has seen few car makers manufacturing the solution named the “ Electric Cars ” .
History of Electrical Cars :
The cars running on electricity enjoyed great popularity during mid 19th century and early 20th century when internal combustion was not common .The electrical cars had an advantage of less sound and smell compared to the gasoline cars till early 1900 . And now the electrical cars are once again in the spot light and enjoying its growing popularity . The cars in electric model has been as beautifully designed as in any other segment and in 1947 Nissan showcased its sports model the “ Tesla Electric car” which one of the first of its types .
Modern age Electrical cars :
Today the concept and manufacturing of such a car is seen as a great hope and desire not only because it will drastically reduce the carbon emission but will be a great help to face the rising fuel prices .
reva electric car
The Electric cars have been given a new lease of life and has seen a number of car makers launching its electrical car models in the market and Indian market will also soon have many electrical car models on road with Reva as one of the first and the “ E-Spark ” to be launched soon in the economical segment . Now there is a sudden awakening seen in the car makers to compete each other to launch electric cars in most of the segments in Indian market . 
The Car companies and their Electrical car models :
Car Model : Tara Titu
Tara International motors is one of the car makers that is set to capture the market in the lower and economical segment of the Indian car market .
tara titu

Price :Rs. 99,000 Approx.
Running Cost : Rs. 0.40 per kilometer
Number of seat : 2
Speed : 55km/ hr
power : 5KW
Time to Recharge : 8 Hrs
Distance covered in every recharge :130 Km
Electric Spark ( E- Spark )
Chevrolet is all set to relaunch its model named Spark in the electrical segment which is seen as one of the most awaited cars in the Indian market .

chevrolete spark

Price : Rs. 350,000
Number of seat : 4
Time to Recharge : 10 Hrs Approx .
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Latest Cars

The list of new cars to be launched in India includes Honda Brio, Hyundai EON, Mahindra XUV500, Chevrolet Beat Diesel and New Swift.

Honda Brio
Honda Brio E Rs. 4.7 lakhs
S MT 5.10 lakhs
S MT (option) 5.7 lakhs
V MT 5.9 lakhs
Honda Brio Variants : E MT, S MT, S MT (option), V MT
Honda Brio Colors : Energetic Blue, Urban Titanium, Rallye Red, Taffeta White, Alabaster Silver and Crystal Black Pearl
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Rolls Royce Ghost

D+ Segment 6592cc Sedan Petrol Engine with Turbo Charged, V12 is a well-appointed launch with Fuel Consumption at Highway 8.00 kmpl and Fuel Consumption at City 5.00 kmpl. It consists of massive fuel dexterous engine with max power of 563Bhp and 780Nm torque. Dimensions are length’s 5399mm, 1948mm width’s and 1550mm height’s. Expected price: Rs 3, 50, 00,000/-

 rolls royce ghost
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New Car Launches

Now a day’s Indian Cars industry is expanding on larger scale with abundant of features in it. Recent Audi, Hyundai, Chevrolet, Ford, Volvo have introduced their new launches with incredible efficiency of engines with different engine variations.
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Automobile Industry of India has witnessed another milestone year in 2009. With the launch of 'Lakh - Tkia' Tata Nano, the hatchback car market is at an all time high. An onslaught of numerous hatchbacks from different car manufacturers has created a buzz in car market. New cars are being launched with exceptional styling, lavish interiors and smart looks.

With so many variants available in the market, you have to be careful while selecting your dream machine. There are ample solutions to this problem on the web. Exploring car Buyers Guide can be a great help. A complete Buyers Guide will make you familiar with the car of your choice. Read some User Reviews on your favorite car to get updates on the performance, looks, interiors and other factors. Another worthy resource is to read some Experts Reviews. Be very careful in research and analysis of the car of your choice. Your money is valued and don't take any decision in haze. Have a glimpse of the car of your choice and its possible options and then decide on the car of your choice.

Enhanced features like powerful music system, power windows, stylish dashboards have become an essential requisite of a car's success. Cars like Hyundai i20, Maruti Ritz, Chevrolet Beat etc are a lively example of fierce competition in Indian car market. The battle extends to other segments also. The latest launch of Tata Indigo Manza in sedan segment at an affordable price of rs 4.8 lakhs has created a new vent for competition in this segment. In luxury carVolkswagen and Mercedes are playing their cards with great interests. In all, Indian car Market has become a perfect showcase of latest car technology and features in the world.

The car market of India has got auto heavyweights from across the globe and this vary fact is enough to represent a demanding 'Car Bazaar'. This is a battle of astounding cars, fought on Indian roads with style, performance, looks and features as the most deadly weapons.
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Captain and star striker of Portugal football team, Cristiano Ronaldo has an exclusive love for cars. Tagged as the costliest soccer player ever, Ronaldo has a a car collection worth over £2 Million. The best one from the fleet is Bentley Continental. The convertible luxury car from British manufacturer Bentley comes fitted with electro-hydraulically operated soft-top roof, excellent quality leather work adding grace to the gorgeous interiors and eye-soothing exteriors. Loaded with sophisticated engine delivering 552 bhp of power and stunning luxury comforts, the favorite choice of Cristiano Ronaldo costs Rs 2.10 crores.
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